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Students During Break
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Your mental health is very important to us.  We know that the last two years have been tough, exhausting and chaotic.  Sur + Thrive is designed to help connect you with your peers, learn self & co-regulation strategies, as well as strategies for navigating mental health symptoms.  

Family Fun

Our students are facing more and more challenges every day.  We know that there is no parent workbook and so we want to partner with you to help navigate some of these challenging times as a parent and caregiver.  

We strongly believe that in order to help our students, we must also find ways to partner with you for maximum success.  

Classroom Lecture

We cannot imagine doing your job.  Over the last two years we have witnessed many professionals leave the education field and we know that the burnout rate is rising at an alarming rate.  

Sur+Thrive is not here to tell you how to teach or do your job.  Our goal is to help support you as you do the critical work of educating our students.  

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